Working Smarter

Have you promised yourself that you’re going to work smarter not harder?
Outsourcing your admin work is a great start…
We can help with ALL areas of your office admin, bookkeeping and year end financial accounting.
From client newsletters, updating databases, following up with debtors, filing GST’s, preparing wages and financial statements – we can help!
Contact Diane today and we can discuss your requirements.


Are you a sole trader or a small business?
Things are going really well? As in, you’re always busy with lots of jobs lined up and regular sales?
Yet you still struggle to find the money to pay the bills on the 20th… or finding money to pay the GST is a difficult?
If yes, you’ll find that preparing and working within a budget will help guide your business and give you peace of mind.
If you’d like some help in preparing a budget – please contact me and we can sit down and work through your finances. With the end of the year rapidly approaching, now is a good time to start the New Year off with a new direction.

Small Business Owners will likely benefit from hiring a Bookkeeper

Are you loving having your own business but unhappy with all the paperwork?
Then hire a BOOKKEEPER!
Bookkeepers are trained and use the same financial recording methods as accountants. We do this so that your accountant can quickly and easily process your financial information.
Without proper bookkeeping, it would be easy for transactions to go unrecorded, left to pile up until the end of a financial period. Mistakes could be made and important details could be lost or forgotten.
That’s where bookkeepers come in. We can lighten the load on your business.
Contact Diane today to discuss how we can help you.

Attn Clubs and Not for Profits

Is your organisation growing so quickly that your volunteers are struggling to cope?
We can help you in so many ways.
Treasurer’s roles, Secretary’s roles, Database of Members, Newsletter Preparation, etc, etc.
We can also help you set up systems and procedures for the above roles to keep your organisation on track from a transparency and auditing viewpoint.
Contact Diane today to discuss your requirements.

Get paid faster!

Are you fed up with the whole sending out invoices and chasing payments scenario?
Do you just want to provide your service or sell your products and not worry about payments?
We can help you…
We’ll take over preparing and sending your invoices and then following up to ensure payment is received. (And your accounts won’t be in a mess).
And we can help you further… we can be your bookkeeper as well – message us today to discuss further.

Understanding your Financial Statements

Did you know – that if your gross profit is 33%, then for every $1 of sales generated, the gross profit for your business is 33 cents.
Need help understanding and interpreting your financial statements?
Contact us… we’d love to work with you and help ensure you’re getting timely information to make the best financial decisions.

Website Updates and Maintenance

We all know the importance of having a website for our business… but what happens when you simply don’t have time to keep your website current?

Here’s your answer – contact us and we’ll do it for you! We can update your website to let your customers know about your offers, specials, new products, industry news, etc, etc.

We can update product images, prices, quantities and much, much more. Talk to us today.